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This is the most common type of treatment in orthodontics, it occurs after all of the adult teeth have erupted. Comprehensive treatment completely corrects all bite problems from start to finish in one stage. Comprehensive Orthodontic treatment remains one of the commonest forms of orthodontic treatment patients at The Dental Specialty Center receive to correct their bite problems. In most cases, after patients have indicated interest in having straighter teeth, braces are added to the upper and lower teeth with the aim to re-align the teeth into a straighter position.

About Orthodontic

Orthodontic treatment Services offered at our facilities include:

At The Dental Specialty Center, we make use of the latest technological advancement, innovative practices, techniques and products to carry out all dental care and treatment services. To ensure the success of your orthodontic appointment, below are some of the type of appliances that may be used to correct your misaligned teeth and ensure desired results.

Straighter teeth allow for improved facial features and also helps in better managing the best oral health and hygiene. Installation of braces to the upper and lower parts of the teeth is aimed at correcting major problems involving the teeth alignment and also improve other functions including proper jaw functions and how the upper and lower jaw fit together thus remedying instances of underbites and overbites.
The aim of the comprehensive orthodontic treatment offered at The Dental Specialty Center is to correct each problem with the teeth and achieve the best alignment possible. In addition, the treatment is also aimed at achieving the best bite and aesthetics possible for each patient.
Orthodontic treatment at The Dental Specialty Center is not a one-size-fits-all approach, especially as each patient presents unique dentition and dental challenges which have to be addressed by the orthodontists. After discussion regarding the various orthodontic treatment options available, our orthodontist will provide as much information needed to help patients make the best decisions based on their oral health needs and preferences.

Treatment procedures

Treatment procedures for the traditional metal braces consist of the placement of the metal bands and wires, adjustments and follow-ups over the duration of treatment and removal of the braces at the end of treatment. To ensure that the teeth remain in position and does not drift back to an earlier position, the orthodontist will also construct a retainer for patients to help them keep their teeth in the new position and also offer after treatment support and follow-up treatment services needed by patients to maintain their desired anatomical and aesthetically pleasing dental result. The length of comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment at The Dental Specialty Center typically depends on the oral health of the patient and the severity of the problem to be corrected. In some severe cases, it may take between 18 – 24 months of treatment while in other cases, especially for minor crowding of the teeth, treatment may take as little as 9 – 18 months.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Examination

For dental braces to be installed, the orthodontist will begin the process with a complete dental examination. Patients with tooth decay may present more difficult problems for orthodontists. The diagnostic process entails special X-ray of the head, known as a cephalometric x-ray, and this is performed at our dental office. The x-ray is then processed by the latest computer technology and gives our orthodontist the needed information about the direction of bone growth, the relation of the upper jaw to the lower jaw, relationship between the upper and lower teeth and also other information such as wisdom teeth, a missing tooth or extra tooth. This information is very important as they aid the process of assisting patients with a better smile quality.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Consultation

During the consultation, we are able to discuss the expected details of the procedure including what results in we expect, and risks of orthodontics. Our consultation is designed to address all of your fears and answer all of the questions you may have about the treatment options and your oral health.

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