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Welcome to The Dental Specialty Center of Marlton and Linwood!

The Dental Specialty Center is South Jersey’s premier multi-specialty dental and oral surgery provider in Marlton and Linwood. For over four decades, we have consistently delivered high-quality and affordable specialty services. We boast a team of highly trained physicians and staff dedicated to achieving the highest patient satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art dental offices, equipped with the latest oral health technology, allow us to perform the most advanced dental procedures. At Dental Specialty Center, you will enjoy a relaxed and calming environment that’s perfect for dental specialty treatment. Your anxiety will melt away the moment you step into any of our three offices.

Why Choose the Dental Specialty Center?

We’ve invested in technology – From digital X-rays and 3D Scanners, we take pride in offering you the best and safest specialty care.

We have skilled and experienced personnel – The highly trained staff and Board Certified dentists at Dental Specialty Center are committed to providing high-quality dental care with the aid of modern technology. You can rest assured that all your dental care needs will be met.

You’ll get personalized care – Our specialists take time to examine you and understand your medical situation. We want to ensure that you get the right treatment and care the first time.

We value your comfort – We put your comfort first. We understand that many people struggle with anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Our caring dentists have what it takes to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

We uphold convenience – We provide a variety of services at different times of the day to make it easy for you to schedule your dental appointment. Moreover, we operate in some of the most convenient office locations in Marlton and Linwood. We also believe in a high standard of dental care delivered at an affordable price.

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Dr. Katina Nguyen

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